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  D. E. Stevenson's "lost" books
Five books with material from DES's very early days as an author are now available. We have made arrangements with the publisher in Scotland to be the exclusive North American distributor for these books.

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"Jean Erskine's Secret"
Probably written c.1917, this novel opens in 1913 with the Erskine family moving from Edinburgh to the Scottish east coast village of Crale, where Jean’s life is transformed by her friendship with Diana MacDonald of Crale Castle. She writes a book telling Diana’s story; of friendships and love affairs, of family and village life, all shadowed by the much darker themes of the Great War and devastating inherited conditions.  At the heart of the story is the secret, known only to Jean, that threatens Diana’s hard-won happiness.
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"Found in the Attic"
A selection from the unpublished papers ‘found in the attic’ by the author’s granddaughter. They include short stories (including a gentle revenge on critics, an eccentric maid, a ventriloquist desperate for work and a very human burglar); verse (a burlesque, some war poems); two delightfully witty one-act plays, and articles and talks on books and writing.  Illustrated with family photographs. The articles on books and writing especially offer a compelling  insight into this beloved author. 

"A very interesting glimpse into the mind and personality of D.E. Stevenson." From the wonderful preface by Jerri Chase, member of the ATS, and AT and DE Stevenson discussion groups. 
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"Portrait of Saskia"

Another publication of previously unpublished very early material from this beloved author. It was probably written in the late 1920s, and foreshadows her later romances and family stories with that little humorous twist of something extra. 
Kenneth Leslie, needing money to start a new life in Canada after a broken engagement, answers an advertisement in the Daily Clarion -    'Retired Army Officer offers a large sum of money to a Young Man who wants Adventure.  Must be of good appearance and free from dependants.'   and finds more than he dreamed of: fishing, art, family skulduggery, rogues, thieves and fisticuffs, friendship – and romance.
Also included are four short stories, Moira, The Mulberry Coach, The Secret of the Black Rocks, and The Murder of Alma Atherton, and a novella, Where the Gentian Blooms.

The Fair Miss Fortune"The Fair Miss Fortune"

Written in the 1930's but never before published, this edition contains letters concerning the book between the author and her agent. 
Jane Fortune causes a stir when she arrives in Dingleford to open a tearoom. Charles and Harold both fall for the newcomer, but her behaviour seems to vary wildly – she encourages first one then the other and at other times barely recognises them. A warm-hearted romance of British village life.

Emily Dennistoun"Emily Dennistoun" ["Truth is the Strong Thing"]

'This novel, with action set in both England and Scotland, tells of the life of Emily Dennistoun as she escapes the domination of her tyrant father and learns to trust herself and her true love. Other memorable characters are part of this tale. And, as always, D. E. Stevenson's descriptions of the countryside of both England and Scotland transport the reader to another time and place.' - Jerri C. of the ATS, AT, and DES email discussion groups. 

'D. E. Stevenson wrote many novels of life in Scotland and/or England, beloved by loyal fans world wide. Since her death in the 70's, it was thought that we would have no new novels from her pen. However, two years ago her grandaughter discovered some previously unpublished manuscripts in her attic.

The publication of "new" books by D. E. Stevenson 40 years or so after her death has been a joy to her fans. While these early works aren't quite up to the level of quality of her mature works, a weak novel by D. E. Stevenson is still better than the best works of many lesser writers.' - Jerri C. of the ATS, AT and  DES email discussion groups.

Peter West by D.E. Stevenson"Peter West"
We are also the North American distributor for the new re-issue of "Peter West". Originally issued only in the Britain in 1923, "Peter West" was D.E. Stevenson's first published novel. It has been much sought after by DE Stevenson collectors for many many years.

The English Air by D.E. Stevenson"The English Air"
We are also very pleased to be the North American distributor for the new re-issue of "The English Air". This novel was written in 1940, near the beginning of World War II. Completed on 29 February, 1940, before the US had entered the war, DES hoped this book would explain the British attitude to the war to her American readers. Many of the incidents in this story are true.

Here is a very nice BBC Scotland article about the publication of the first two 'lost' books.  Jerri C. and I were very nervous about the interview given while we were in Moffat. 

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