Elizabeth von Arnim

Elizabeth von Arnim (Elizabeth and her German Garden)

We have had several requests for a list of Elizabeth's books. 
Courtesy of one our kind customers, Jeannine K., we now have this informational bibliography listing titles and first date of publication. 
We hope you find it helpful. A link to our current Elizabeth stock is at the bottom of the list.

Elizabeth and her German Garden: Macmillan 1898, Virago 1985

The Solitary Summer: Macmillan 1899, Virago 1993

The April Baby’s Book of Tunes: Macmillan 1900 (illustrated by Kate Greenaway)

The Benefactress: Macmillan, 1898 or 1901 (we have seen editions with both dates listed)

The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen: Macmillan 1904

Princess Priscilla’s Fortnight: Smith & Elder 1905

Fraulein Schmidt and Mr. Anstruther: Smith & Elder 1907, Virago 1983

The Caravaners: Smith & Elder 1909,Virago 1989

Priscilla Runs Away (Play): Unpublished, 1910

The Pastor’s Wife: Smith & Elder 1914. Virago 1987

Christine:, Macmillan 1917 (written as Alice Cholmondely)

Christopher and Columbus: Macmillan 1919

In the Mountains: Macmillan 1920

Vera: Macmillan 1921, Virago 1983

The Enchanted April: Macmillan 1922, Virago 1983

Love: Macmillan 1925,Virago 1988

Introduction To Sally: Macmillan 1926

Expiation: Macmillan 1929

Father:Macmillan 1931

Jasmine Farm: Heinemann 1934

All the Dogs of My Life: Heinemann 1936,Virago 1995 (her autobiography)

Mr. Skeffington: Heinemann, 1940,Virago 1993

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