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  D. E. Stevenson's The English Air
We are so pleased that Dorothy Emily Stevenson's novel The English Air is now available. As with the other five previously unpublished D. E. Stevenson books, we are the exclusive North American distributor. 

The English Air by D.E. Stevenson

This novel was written in 1940, near the beginning of World War II. Completed on 29 February, 1940, before the US had entered the war, DES hoped this book would explain the British attitude to the war to her American readers. Many of the incidents in this story are true.

It is set in England before, and just after, the start of World War II. In 1938 Franz von Heiden, son of a Nazi official and an Englishwoman who died when he was a child, comes to England to visit his English cousins. Life in England is not what he expected, and he reports this to his father back in Germany. 

'He finds the English are not the weak and decadent enemy he has been taught to expect, but are as hard-working, upright and honourable as he is himself, and as he still believes his Fatherland to be.  He is half German, half English; where do his true loyalties lie?  His dilemma increases as world events unfold: Munich, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and war itself.  And then he falls in love.'

Information about the five previously unpublished DE Stevenson books also available.

We are thinking of re-issuing The Empty World, The : A Romance of the Future [The World in Spell] . If you wish to be placed on a waiting list for this title, please let us know.

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