Miss Read signing books in 1989

Miss Read (Dora Saint)
April 17, 1913 - April 7, 2012

We have had several requests for a list of Miss Read's books. Courtesy of one our wonderful customers, Jerri Chase, we now have this an informational bibliography listing titles and first date of publication. We hope you find it helpful. Another link to our current Miss Read stock is at the bottom of the list.

The Fairacre novels:
Village School 1955
Village Diary 1957
Storm in the Village 1958
Miss Clare Remembers  1962
Over the Gate 1964
Village Christmas* 1966
Fairacre Festival 1968
Emily Davis 1971
Tyler's Row 1972
Christmas Mouse* 1973
Farther Afield 1974
No Holly for Miss Quinn  1976
Village Affairs  1977
The White Robin  1979
Village Centenary 1980
Summer at Fairacre 1984
Mrs. Pringle 1989
Changes at Fairacre 1991
Farewell to Fairacre 1993
A Peaceful Retirement 1996

The two Christmas books marked with * have been published together.

The Market Square (1966) and The Howards of Caxley (1967) are set in the historical past of Caxley, the nearby market town to Fairacre where Fairacre people go from time to time.  Fairacre and Beech Green, a nearby village, are mentioned. They end before the first Fairacre book starts.

Thrush Green books:
Thrush Green 1959
Winter in Thrush Green 1961
News from Thrush Green 1970
Battles at Thrush Green 1975
Return to Thrush Green 1978
Gossip from Thrush Green 1981
Affairs at Thrush Green 1983
At Home in Thrush Green 1985
School at Thrush Green 1987
Friends at Thrush Green 1990
Celebrations at Thrush Green 1992
Year at Thrush Green 1995

The World Of Thrush Green 1988  (discusses the real place that inspired Thrush Green and has excerpts from all TG books published as of 1988.)

Childrens books:
Hobby Horse Cottage 1958
The Little Red Bus 1964
The New Bed 1964
No Hat! 1964
Plum Pie 1964
Hob and the Horse Bat 1965
Cluck, the Little Black Hen 1965
The Little Peg Doll 1965
Tiggy 1971 (a non-fiction biography of one of the author's beloved cats)
Animal Boy 1975

A Fortunate Grandchild 1982
Time Remembered 1986
(these two also published in an omnibus edition titled Early Days)

Others she authored:

Fresh from the Country 1960  The story of a young country girl/woman who has taken a first teaching job in the big city. 

Tales from a Village School 1994  Short stories; many of which appeared in magazines before her first novel was published.

Miss Read's Country Cooking or To Cut a Cabbage Leaf 1969

Books edited by Miss Read:

Miss Read's Christmas Book 1992, not to be confused with the omnibus edition of Village Christmas and The Christmas Mouse,

Country Bunch 1963 short stories

Miss Read Omnibus Editions (possibly not comprehensive)

Chronicles of Fairacre -   Village School, Village Diary, and Storm in the Village

Further Chronicles of Fairacre - Miss Clare Remembers, Over the Gate, Fairacre Festival, and Emily Davis

Fairacre Roundabout -   Tyler's Row, Farther Afield, and Village Affairs

Fairacre Affairs -   Summer At Fairacre and Village Centenary

Life at Thrush Green -  Thrush Green, Winter in Thrush Green, and News from Thrush Green

More Stories from Thrush Green -  Battles at Thrush Green, Return to Thrush Green, and Gossip from Thrush Green

Tales from Thrush Green -   Affairs at Thrush Green and At Home in Thrush Green

Encounters at Thrush Green -  School at Thrush Green and Friends at Thrush Green 

Christmas at Fairacre (1991) - Village Christmas, No Holly for Miss Quinn, the Christmas Mouse, and four short stories

Christmas at Fairacre (2005) - Village Christmas, No Holly for Miss Quinn, the Christmas Mouse

Country Christmas (2006)  - We believe this includes the short stories from the original 1991 Christmas at Fairacre omnibus edition, Village Christmas,  Jingle Bells,  Christmas At Caxley 1913, The Fairacre Ghost

Other Miss Read Items

"The Countryman" journal, dated Winter 1978 has an interview with Miss Read and a photo of her.

"Villagers of Thrush Green" was a radio play done on BBC4. It was adapted from the first six Thrush Green novels.  Four of the six adaptations were released, in Britain, on cassette tapes back in 1999. It was never published in book form.

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